His is another important figure for the big projects or for the Revit office in general.

The first question we could thin of would be : Why assign one person to this task?

To better understand his work, here is some task that we could assign him:

  • Getting family needs from the team members.
  • Create, test and keep updated all families needed for all the projects.
  • Control the integrity and maintain the functionnalit of the internal library.
  • Coordinate the shared parameter creation with the BIM Manager.
  • Make sure that the content’s naming convention is respected.
  • Train team members and teach them how to use the different families, as needed.
  • Document all procedures regarding family usage.
  • Responsible for the family creation and organization.
  • Make sure that all families are updated across all projects and files.
  • Make sure all families are updated in the project templates.

Here is some pros for having a Content creation Specialist on board :

Uniformity : If only one person is in charge, it’s a lot more easier to have the same procedure for all families.  They’ll be made in the same fashion, with the same philosophy.

The Big picture : This person will have the whole picture in her mind, she knows where to go, how materials are created and assigned to families, how shared families work, how Keynotes are working.  Everything is knitted together.

Central ressource : If the users got to go to one person for help on families, they know where she is.

Experience and swiftness :  Because she almost only create and modify families, she knows how to get at destination quicker.  When people will ask how to hide this family ar anyquestion regarding families, she’ll know how to do it, ans quick.  It will be easier for her to create view filters according to certain parameters that she knows, are in which families etc…


But there is not only Pros, there is Cons also :

All the eggs in the same basket :  If this person id getting sick or leaves the company, the replacement will have hard time getting to know all the little things…

Too busy : In a big project or in an office with a lot of small projects, this person will be highly sollicitated and won’t be able to answer everyone.  In an actual project where Zenit is participating, we have a full time ressource in charge of family creation and let me tell you that this person doesn’t have a lot of spare time do do seomthing else than Family creation and support.

The best solution :

Aim for the middle!  We think that a very small group of Content creators who agrees on the procedures and being supervised by the BIM Manager, who will ensure its uniformity, would be a nice solution.  Maybe in dividing the content creators in different area of expertise :

  • Doors, windows, and frames.
  • Furniture, Casework and Specialised Equipement.
  • Symbols and annotations (titleblocks, tags, etc…)
  • Detail elements

Doing it this way ensure that nobody is stepping on anyone else’s toes.  And more often than not, the parameters won’t be shared across those areas, so they will be more easy to manage.

All in all, The Content Specialist is necessary for a big project or in an office with multiple smaller projects.  Sometimes, the BIM manager could wear this hat, but the continuous work that the content specialist is needed to do is so important would take him too much time.  The Content specialist is an important member of the BIM / Revit team, and this is true from the very beginning like the project template creation.